+iD BLACK smart card reader

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    Weight 5g Dimensions 57mm [ L ]  7.7mm [ H ]  12.56mm [ W ]

    Smart Card Reading Speed 3.75Mbps

    Card size ID-1 (full-size)

    LED status card detection indicator

    8 Pin Handling C4 / C8 supported

    Color - BLACK matte

    Composition - PC

    Two year manufacturer’s warranty



Telliskivi 60a - A2

10412 Tallinn, Estonia


+372 5685 0999

M-F 10.00-17.00 (GMT +2)


The world's smallest smart card reader was invented in 2009 by an Estonian (Brasil based) inventor, graphic designer and photographer Martin Lazarev.


Martin invented the +iD smart card reader out of the need to replace old card readers and their tangle of wires - making everyday life easier for the ID card user and traveller that he is.

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